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Travel Soccer for the 2014-2015

Registration closes in 5 days

The RSL has several travel teams: Boys U9 Dock Rats, Girls U9 Crazy Cleats, Boys U11 Raptors, Boys U12 Redhawks, Boys U13 United, Girls U11 Fireballs, Girls U12 Rangers, Girls U13 Asteroids, GU14 Breakers, BU19 Riot (spring only) Please read the "Registration Information" section to the right before you login.

Recreational Program for 2014-2015

The Rhinebeck Soccer League provides recreational soccer for children ages 4 through 12. Our focus is on teaching age-appropriate soccer skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. There are two playing seasons each year, fall (September to November) and spring (April to June).

All skill levels are welcome. All teams are co-ed. Players are encouraged to invite their friends to play!

All home games and practices will be played at Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck.

These are the Divisions by age:

u6 (8/1/08 - 7/31/10)
u7 (8/1/07 - 7/31/08)
u8 (8/1/06 - 7/31/07)
u9 (8/1/05 - 7/31/06)
u10 (8/1/04 - 7/31/05)
u11 (8/1/03 - 7/31/04)
u12 (8/1/02 - 7/31/03)
u19 (8/1/95 - 7/31/02

The U6 division meets once a week on Saturday mornings for 60 minutes. The session features a group warm up, then small-sided games in groups of 6-10, then scrimmages.

The U7-U12 divisions are divided into intramural teams that practice one day per week for 60 minutes (we will post the practice day as soon as it is confirmed) and play games on Saturday morning (8 games total each season). Our goal is to create teams that balance age, skill level and gender.

Depending on enrollment, teams in the older divisions (U8 and up) may play inter-mural games against neighboring towns for some of the games. In the past Rhinebeck Recreational teams have played against teams in Red Hook, Esopus and Standfordville.

As a non-competitive, developmental league, we do not keep standings.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Registration,
contact Jeanne Stark



Spring 2015 Season Information


Registration Information

Play will begin again on April 12, 2015.  If field conditions are poor the season may have a delayed opening.  Visit us often to stay informed!

Please read all of the information below before you begin the online registration process.

Travel Soccer Registration

Do not signup for a travel team unless you have the permission of the coach.

  • You then need to know the division (BU10, BU12, etc.) and the team name (Redhawks, Asteroids, United etc.)  If you are not sure, contact your coach. 
  •  For more information about the Travel Team Program or coach contact information contact Jeanne Stark  845-266-8524 or

Registration Process

  • This year the registration process is online only and will accept credit card payments only. If you need to make other arrangements for registration and payment please contact the registrar or your coach.  
  • Near the end of your online registration process, you will print out a copy of the "Registration Agreement." This needs to be signed and given to your coach.
  • You also need to upload a photo of your child to the  website.
  •  It needs to be a fairly recent head shot with the child facing the camera.
  • If your child is playing travel soccer for the first time you also need to send a copy of the birth certificate. You can give this to your coach or to the registrar: or fax to 206-333-1925.


Travel Soccer which includes both fall and spring seasons are as follows:

U9-U10  $215.00

U11-U14  $240.00

U15-U19  $280.00

Spring Only Travel Soccer: 

U9-U10  $165.00 (use promotional code Spring9)

U11-U14  $180.00 (use promotional code Spring11)

U15-U19  $210.00

Travel Uniform Kit: $70.00 (includes both home and away jerseys, shorts and socks)

To order a new uniform click here:


Recreational Programs:    

Interested in recreational soccer for fall and spring? Teams have formed but we still have room for more players on each team. Just click on the "Register" button to start the process.

These are the Divisions by age: 

u6 (8/1/08 - 7/31/10)
u7 (8/1/07 - 7/31/08) 
u8 (8/1/06 - 7/31/07) 
u9 (8/1/05 - 7/31/06) 
u10 (8/1/04 - 7/31/05) 
u11 (8/1/03 - 7/31/04) 
u12 (8/1/02 - 7/31/03)  

We'll be ordering jerseys and t-shirts in mid-August...register now to ensure your child gets the right size!


Recreational Soccer which includes both fall and spring seasons are as follows:

U6-U19  $130.00

Spring Only:

U6-U19  $82.50 (use code Rec2015)




  • If two or more children in your family are registering  for the Travel Team Programs, the computer program will deduct the following;
  • $40.00 from your total bill for the second child 
  • $20.00 for the third child.
  • There is no multi-player discount for the Recreational Soccer Program.


Parents who serve as coaches, assistant coaches, board members, committee chairs and referees (level  8 and above) also receive discounts for their children. 

- 100% discount for the first child if parent is head coach of a team.

- 50% discount for first child if parent is an assistant coach, board member, committee chair, or registered level 8 or better USYSA referee or assignor.


  • Discounts for each Travel Team are limited to one Coach and one Assistant Coach.
  • Discounts for the Rec Program are limited to one Head Coach and as many Assistant Coaches as necessary for there to be a 10:1 player to coach ratio for each age group.
  • However, the computer program cannot process these discounts and we are no longer accepting checks. 
  • If you want the discount for your child  let the registrar complete the registration process for your child or children in the computer system. 
  • You may start it and inform the registrar that you are ready to check out via email but leave the shopping cart with the registrations in it and the registrar can complete the process for you. 
  • If you register yourself online as there is no fee for coaches or assistant coaches registration, you may not get the discount if you try to register your child as well.




The Rhinebeck Soccer League depends on parent volunteers to keep things running smoothly and safely.  Please consider serving as a Team Manager or Team Parent.  Ask your coach for more information on how you can help the league. Please note there is no discount for these positions just our undying appreciation and gratitude. Also note that all parent volunteers need to complete a backgound check and upload a photo into the sportssignup website. Please discuss this with the coach or other Rhinebeck Soccer Board member before signing up as a volunteer.


Visit regularly to keep in touch with Rhinebeck Soccer League news and information.